Written, Produced and Directed by Ty

Window of Opportunity

The Vanished


Ty Granderson Jones
Ty Granderson Jones2 months ago

THROWBACK THURSDAY👉CIRCA '93 🎭 Ty Granderson Jones starring as the iconic gangster 40 DOG opposite my dear, long time late friend Charlie Murphy as GUSTO in the Hip 🎼Hop Cult Comedy Classic "CB4" co-written, produced and starring the prolific Chris Rock 🎬 Directed by the...

Ty Granderson Jones
Ty Granderson Jones
Ty starring as the iconic "40 Dog" in the Comedy Rap/Hip Hop Cult Classic "CB4" with Chris Rock and Charles Q. Murphy.
Ty Granderson Jones
Ty Granderson Jones3 months ago

Premiering on Amazon ‼️ Award-Winning Short Film "DIAMOND" 💎 Written, Produced, Directed by and Co-starring Ty Granderson Jones 📽️ Stream Today🎞️ It was ahead of Trump, the #MeToo Movement & the LGBT conversation ✊💯

WARNING‼️ Extreme Violence, Language, Rape ➡️...