Ty Granderson Jones
Ty Granderson Jones1 month ago

Actors at work👉Coming to El Rey Network 🎥🎭On set 🎬Back in front of the camera as Gangster/Bodyguard "King Creole DuBois" 👑⚜Opposite my long time Souljah, legendary Glenn Plummer on Antonio McKay's and Frank Pinnock's indie television drama Sangre Negra. Stay tuned📡💥 El Rey Network

Ty Granderson Jones
Ty Granderson Jones3 months ago

As the Oscars are approaching 🎭 I am humbled by my inclusion and perceptive per my journey in the industry written by the prolific Celebrity Journalist Jules Lavallee in this edition of Magic Image Hollywood Magazine 🙏 Enjoy the Read‼️

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